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Cryo T-Shock Services

Cryo Facial
Starting at $125
The glow.
Cryo Red Carpet Event Facial: $150
Anti-aging Facial. Single: $125. Package of 3: $320. Package of 5: $550
Cryo technology is used to stimulate and increase the production of collagen and elastin. This treatment will help reduce redness, fine lines and wrinkles.

Clinical Cryo Treatment
Starting at $200
Treat pain and inflammation.
Cryo Treatment is used to treat muscle injury, surgical recovery, and arthritis by reducing inflammation in the body. This process promotes a fa
ster healing and recovery process. Cryo Treatment for chronic pain delivers a thermal shock to the area and slows down nerve signals to the brain, thus reducing the perception of pain.

Cryo Slimming/Toning/Skin Tightening Treatments
Starting at $200
The difference you are looking for.
Single: $200. Package of 3: $550.  Package of 5: $900
Cryo technology is used to freeze and eliminate fat cells, tighten loose skin and reduce cellulite almost anywhere on the body with no pain and no downtime! One treatment includes bilateral sides of the body.

Cryo Fat Reduction Treatments
Starting at $250
Single $250.  Package of 3: $700. Package of 5: $1100



Venus Legacy Services
Click on desired service for scheduling 

Upper Thighs $500.00

Bra line $150.00

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